Content & Sales, Dropshipped to your door: The 10th DMC BLR meetup was a blast!

The event was a fun ruckus where industry experts, interns, and freelancers, connected well at the Microsoft Research Center, Bangalore. You’ll forget about a late-night party on weekends when you spend a Saturday morning at DMC. 

Starting off by digging into the technicalities of content writing with our member Bhamini Manjesh, we learned about writing better blog posts. 

Quality and the finer details matter while catching your readers’ attention. Keeping them engaged long enough amplifies conversion. 

Then we had our member Ankit Ahuja, an experienced sales expert, hook us into an interactive workshop. He explained Offer Stacking, taking us on a journey from stealing Karan Johar’s old iPhone, to Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge. 

Ankit helped us understand our offers and stack their value. The secret sauce in converting your client is in giving them more value with better offers. 

Our guest speaker, Om Thoke, blasted us away with the inner secrets of E-commerce and dropshipping. He dropped examples of hilarious situations and casually let us into the mechanisms of his field. We were laughing and shocked at the same time by complexities previously unaware to us. 

E-commerce, especially in India, is a logistical nightmare, but fun if it’s your kind. Om managed to thrill us with his wild ride of navigating around the conventions of digital marketing. 

We went into the numbers, logistics, marketing, and legal aspects of the industry to get a better understanding. Everyone enjoyed the abundance of learning at this meet due to the generous seasoning of humor by Om and the other speakers. 

What followed was a good networking session where we shared ideas. Talks of collaborations and mutually beneficial professional opportunities filled the space. 

The tenth meet was fun, and it will be amazing on our hundredth meetup. Anyone who works digitally would find awesome weekends at DMC. We are expanding and finishing a whole year of our community.

Hang out with us to make real memories about online work, rather than making online memories about real stuff.


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