Tweet Chat and Digital Marketing Standup Comedy – 7th DMC BLR Meetup

Tweet Chat and Digital Marketing Standup Comedy – 7th DMC BLR Meetup

Every time we do a digital marketing meetup, we think it can’t get better than this. And the next meetup just gets better than all the meetups we have already done.

The 7th Digital Marketing Club meetup at Bangalore was a special one. We had Manasi conduct a workshop on how to do a Tweet Chat and get a Twitter hashtag to trend. We used the hashtag #DMCBLR and we got it to trend for a while on Twitter. 

Getting a hashtag to trend on Twitter is a science. If executed properly, it can be the best PR and media tool available. Media usually looks at Twitter trends to figure out the latest stories to break. Most of the stories break on Twitter first before anyone else picks it up. Getting a Twitter trend can be an amazing tool for spreading awareness about an important social cause, getting more visibility for a personal brand and most importantly – politics. 

By doing a Tweet Chat on Digital Marketing questions with the audience of 30 people we had, we were able to get #DMCBLR trend for a while and it generated a total of 100,000+ impressions.

After the session on Tweet Chat, we had Anmol Garg do a stand up comedy on Digital Marketing and Freelancing. We really laughed out loud with his jokes and it was a first of its kind in this niche. 

The video has already got around 3k views within 24 hours. You can watch it here…

We had a lot of fun and this was the best ever meetup conducted. Let’s see if we can make this better.

Deepak Kanakaraju

(Co-founder, PixelTrack Digital)


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