Sweet tooth for learning? The 2nd DMC Meet-up had it all!

Sweet tooth for learning? The 2nd DMC Meet-up had it all!

Digital Marketing Club – 2nd Meetup (27th April 2019)

Not in many places in the digital marketing landscape you’ll hear the term NAMDUS. Intrigued? Hold on to the thought, we will get to that in a bit.

If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed:

The journey of a ex-IT to a candid photographer and a DM enthusiast, Sol Verghese. He shared tips, that most starting digital marketers face, on how to keep themselves motivated, and work towards your goals.

Do you struggle while looking for the right interns? Have you used every service that promises to match the right intern to your project? Fret not, Vinay Kotagi introduced us to the world of Frapp, an app for hiring your next intern. Something new most of us in the room learnt today.

Vinay Kotagi

JP (JP Balakrishnan) took us through his journey of his failed food startup, and how he used his learnings to become the marketing automation specialist he is today.

Hungry for more? How about some Italian food? Our member Sandeep Sarja; IT pro turned restaurateur made sure we had enough to feast upon. He re-told the story of David Vs Goliath and related it to strategies agile small businesses can do to gain market share.

If it wasn’t a jam-packed with motivation and learning already, we had some hands-on digital marketing strategy session waiting for us. Manasi K.G. indulged us in a fun packed session; literally holding our hands and walking us through step-by-step on how to create a solid digital marketing strategy for businesses.

The online presence lifecycle management or NAMDUS methodology makes life easier for you as a digital marketer, gives you direction and makes it easier to manage expectations with your clients.

No dessert? Why not! We celebrated Deepak’s birthday with a cake… not much of which lasted too long. Literally icing on the cake.

People are already taking advantage of networking behind the scenes and helping each other make progress. Sandeep met Aditya who helped create a marketing strategy for his Italian restaurant.

Our 2nd meet was held at Solo Cubes in Koramangala. Your feedback for a closed area, having the meet on a weekend and a convenient time was taken into account. So, if you have a suggestion do let us know, we are listening.

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  1. I would be interested in Meet up. But its Expensive for a starter in this field.Let me know .how can we be a part of it.Thanks

    1. Hey Anirudh, Thank You for visiting digitalmarketingclub.com 🙂
      We are really happy about your interest in the meetup, in order to be a part of DMC, You can visit the following URL and know more about DMC and our Value Propositions.


      We will be waiting for your revert, let us know if you have any other doubts. You can email us on dmclubindia@gmail.com too!

      Team DMC

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