Value Added Weekend – The 5th Meetup of Digital Marketing Club

Value Added Weekend – The 5th Meetup of Digital Marketing Club

Value Added weekends, yes that’s what DMC is. We know you shouldn’t be “living for the weekend”. But the takeaways from this once a month affair, can propel both your career or business forward. We wish it happened on more Saturdays.

Writing isn’t easy. Even if you have got ideas… or not, a lot of us have difficulty in putting our thoughts in writing. Staring at a blank piece of paper, and pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to write, affects even the accomplished writers at times.

Chitra Tarigopula, speaks about 3 pillars of content writing success

Our own DMC member, Chitra Tarigopula, shared her insights on how to get started on writing content. The 3 pillars of success according to her are curiosity, familiarity and consistency. 

We are all curious beings, aren’t we? Use that to motivate yourself to dig deeper and get familiar with the subjects that arouse your interest. As you know more about it, start expressing your thoughts on the subject, but do it consistently. 

For getting into the habit, a practice that she recommends is writing in your diary everyday. Try weaving a story around a central character or theme. Pretty simple, but not easy. Give it a shot; help give your creativity a voice. 

Bhamini Manjesh, pitches about her home-grown art and craft business, Ridhimaa Creation

Ridhimaa Creations, business owner Bhamini Manjesh, spoke about another creative outlet; arts and crafts. Her business aims to teach arts and crafts to young at heart of all ages. Her business has not only helped people destress, learn various art and craft forms, but also improved concentration, motor and various other skills. 

She has been in the business for 20 years now, and plans to expand to selling courses and products online. This was the first Business Pitch in DMC. 

You have a chance to win a personalized art piece from Bhamini, if you want to guide her on ways to increase her online presence. Check out her offerings at  and get in touch with her. 

Binod Maliel, Leadership coach, receives a token of appreciation from DMC post the keynote address

Next up was Binod Maliel, a coach that teaches you how to be a high achieving leader. By leadership, most people understand outer leadership; leading others, a team or organizations.

But how do you do lead yourself?

Binod took us through a practical workshop, of 6 constructive practices that will help everyone get better at leading themselves. 

Our beliefs about leaders, leadership and our own strengths and weaknesses were analyzed. Everyone came away with a 10 year focus, and a way to achieve it by challenging themselves. 

What made it even better? Everyone shared their focus statement with a couple of participants. This helped etching that in their own memory and serve us a constant reminder. 

Next 10 years, here we come!

All work and no play makes both Jack and Jill, a dull boy & girl. So it was time to rack our brains and everyone enjoyed the Digital Marketing quiz.

The Runners up

The Winners of DM Quiz

Anmol Garg, Founder of Sales5x, EmCeeing the quiz session

Guess what? The winning teams took home ₹3000 and ₹2000 in prize money. 

Tips, tricks, inner management, unleashing your creativity and some brain food, it’s all happening at DMC. Come be a part of it, if you are not already. 

Coming up is our 6th; we are already half-year old!

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