Learn, Network & Speak

What is Digital Marketing Club?

A private and exclusive club for digital marketers to learn, network, and grow their skills and career.

The club is an initiative to bring the social back and create/build connections in person.

Why Digital Marketing Club?

In the last year, we met lots of digital marketers across the country through our meet-ups, and we learned

They want to meet, connect, and learn from the marketers who have achieved results and have more experience than them.

But there aren’t much of such events happen in and around their area.

They struggle to introduce themselves or put a question forward or share an idea or a technique or an approach or a process that worked for them.

Since they spend most of their time behind the computer and mobiles, communicate via email, and network through Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp, when it comes to presenting something or talking to someone, they struggle a lot.



That made us wonder –

What if we could change that? What if we could build something that solves both the problems? Something that can help the like-minded marketers to meet connect, share, and learn regularly and also overcome their ‘struggle to express.’

And that something is


Learn, Network & Speak

What Do You Get Being Digital Marketing Club Member?

You get to hear from the top marketers who don’t blog or run hangouts or share their success stories in any medium or format. These marketers complete a goal and move on to the next. They lead and innovate.

You will listen to their success stories, case studies, hurdles, methods, systems, and more.

Every month, you’ll have a guest speaker or two, sharing their thoughts with you.

Not on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn.

You are going to meet like-minded marketers in person, connect with them, talk to them, and build relationships.

You’ll find someone you can call when you brainstorm something or get an answer to your doubts? Or a few you can meet and discuss the latest happenings in DM or the niche you work.

Speaking makes you confident.

Speaking enhances your listening, reading, and writing skills.

Speaking helps you share, motivate, inspire, and help people to help themselves.

Speaking brings opportunity, help you market yourself, and get you hired.

But, most digital marketers struggle to speak and express themselves.

Every month, 5 of the club members will be selected to present their ideas, experiences, tactics that worked for them, and so on.


Do you want to switch job? Or find a partner to work with Or to find people who are interested in your services or sell your product?

You can do that.

You can pitch it to your fellow members.You’ll never know how it could turn things for you.  

Apart from these... You also get

A club member kit

Access to the library of 50+ marketing books worth ₹30,000

A surprise marketing /entrepreneurship book

Access to attend 12 club events a year

How Much Does It Cost ?

How Many Seats are Available?

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