Life and professional values sold straight to you: DMC BLR’s 11th meet went beyond technicalities.

Each of our meetups varies a lot, in good ways. This time, DMC diverged away from digital marketing, for reasons necessary to the lives of online marketers. 

When our work and life is mostly online, real networking can save us from our own confines. Rookies and professionals mingled to connect better than an automated funnel. 

An interactive workshop by Mr. Shivram, a retail business expert with many decades of experience, had our minds locked in a tough game. We questioned our sales process and were pushed to better our communication with each prospect. The entire process from engaging a new prospect to closing the deal is a game of communication chess. 

He dug deep into the numerous aspects of sales, which most salespersons would not think of. A few mentions of Grant Cordone, the 10X Titan of Sales, were sprinkled around. 

The important treasure from this workshop was Shivram’s concept of –

Better S.E.R.V.I.C.E.S. First = Higher Sales Later. 


Here’s what S.E.R.V.I.C.E.S. means – 

S = Smart Skills

E = Enquire

R = Respond


I = Include Additional Items

C = Close

E = Exceed Expectations

S = Service After Sales.

Every good salesperson has used all these steps, but in a different order depending on the situation. 

Most of us may pride ourselves on being able to sell anything online. But, real and physical selling skills improve our communication to greater levels that can create wonders for our digital marketing skills. Communication is the key, whether you are working online or in person. 

We had the keynote speech by our founder Deepak Kanakaraju, aka Digital Deepak. This surprising speech focused on something more important than digital technicalities, or anything directly related to marketing. 

He started with his own life journey, giving an insight into his choices over the years. From quitting a high income IT job to work on his blog, choices concerning family and relationships to professional passions, critical thinking to self-respect, were all a part of his valuable speech. 

Young professionals and students found a lot of necessary truths about the complications of work and life. Deepak dug into the types of truths and helped us look deeper and question matters before blindly consuming any information that is presented to us. 

With colorful anecdotes and logical reasoning, he dug into the layers of our decision-making process in terms of career and life. 

In the Q & A session that followed, we interrogated him about his routines, work choices, and productivity. Shockingly enough, we received very unconventional answers compared to what most of us would expect. But Deepak’s unconventional approach did feel more realistic than what’s thrown to us by popular media. 

Our work may be easier due to the internet, but we are still humans. Join us to move beyond online communities and be a part of a real tribe of digital practitioners.

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