Lot of new things to Learn!!! The 2nd DMC Meet-up had it all in Hyderabad!

Lot of new things to Learn!!! The 2nd DMC Meet-up had it all in Hyderabad!

Digital Marketing Club – 2nd Meetup (26th OCT 2019) The event started and, there was a lot of excitement in the participants, members and Speakers.

The president of Hyderabad chapter has hosted the event and welcomed all the Participants for the meetup

In the Members Speak Session Mr. Gowardhan Doddi and Mr. Kishan Gopal has spoke.

Gowardhan Doddi’s topic for the day was

“How did I create an eBook out of Email Campaigns and Sold 300 Copies of it”

Mr. Gowardhan Doddi is a Mechanical Engineer who became a Health Blogger and sold diet plans to Doctors. Showcasing his blog he changed his career 6 months ago. Now he works with a B2B Company as a Digital Marketing Manager. As a part of his blogging journey he learnt digital marketing and leverages email marketing as the biggest source of ROI.

In his Speech Gowardhan has explained how he managed to engage his email subscribers and also create an eBook at a time while engaging the subscribers in the best possible way. By putting the customer first and aligning your goals with their interests we can achieve a win-win which is very important for any business.

After the Speech Hyderabad chapter president Nagella  Trinath has hosted a small contest to the participants to promote the digital marketing event and whoever gets more likes will be given a surprise gift.

Kishan Gopal’s Topic was

Affiliate Marketing through Blogging

Mr. Kishan Gopal is a B.Tech Graduate working for a US Client in an Affiliate Marketing field, recently turned out to be an Affiliate Marketer, He regularly follows Digital Deepak and Siddarth Rajashekar to have a self made career path, His aim is to become an Affiliate Entrepreneur.

Kishna Gopal’s Speech went quite interesting where he busted a few myths about Affiliate Marketing and also introduced the Audience to new things like Affiliate Eco systems. Participants could get a good idea about how to do affiliate marketing the right way.

Srikanta Vice-president of the chapter  has welcomed the Guest Speaker Antony Chako.

The Guest Speaker’s Topic was : 30 Minute Digital Marketing Career Plan, Step by step plan to start, grow and succeed in Digital Marketing”

Antony Chacko is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Marketer, previously Head of Marketing @ Flintobox.

Prior to that he was associated with Royal Sundaram General Insurance, Hotcourses India and Tata Consultancy Services.

With over a decade long Marketing experience in industries like Market research, Insurance, Education, Real Estate and E-commerce, he has built multiple high impact marketing teams from scratch and helped scale businesses reach multi million dollar revenue


Antony Chacko’s Session was really interesting and eye opening in which he shared his journey as he transformed from being a digital Marketing tools expert to a Behavioral Marketing expert. He Strongly believes all Digital marketers should understand Marketing and understand how customers think and that is the key to transforming any start-up into a Million Dollar Businesses like Flintobox. He could stun the Audience and made them introspect about what are they right now doing with digital marketing and what should they really do.

After the Speech  Nobin Das Commuincation head of hyderabad chapter  thanked and gifted Antony Chacko with a small Momento.

President Announced the winner of the quiz, Mr. Saad from VGreen Media.

Good discussions happened between the participants and also between the existing members.

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  1. Hi,

    This is my First stage presentation. More than the audience this presentation has cleared so many doubts inside me.
    Thank you very much, Deepak sir and Trinath sir for giving me an opportunity to speak in front of such a crowd.

    Kishan Gopal

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