Binod Maliel develops high achieving leaders and teams – He is passionate about digital marketing. His digital marketing blog is –


Meenank is the VP of Digital Marketing Club and handles almost everything regarding the club. He’s a content creator and has worked with various bloggers, and Youtube creators. 

He’s also an Emcee and has hosted multiple events like like Marriages, birthdays and festivals. 

He’s the go-to guy for your next gadget suggestion!

His Favorite Social Media is Instagram and is mostly seen active there! 


Passionate Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Wedoeconsult and Founder of, loves landing pages and E-Commerce. The Only Stress buster he has is ‘GAMING’.


Umar Salman is a Data-Driven Full Stack Marketer and a Customer Success guy with over 3+ years of experience in helping businesses transform digitally with the help of bespoke Online Marketing Strategies.


 Mr. Adil Ghani is a Post Graduate in Marketing and Sales Management with work experience of over 30 years in Marketing & Sales. Presently, the Founder Director of Wedoeconsult Pvt. Ltd.(Digital Marketing Solution providers) and Proprietor of Rainbow Hospitality(Travel Portal). In his earlier assignments as an employee, he has held positions from Marketing Trainee to Vice-President and has worked for prestigious companies like Oracle University, SQL Star International, Aptech, The Times of India, Indian Express etc. Mr.Ghani  has also travelled worldwide and served in the international markets of Singapore, the UAE and the Sultanate of OMAN. Mr. Ghani is a Certified Business Mentor and has been Mentoring Founders of Startups in India. He has a pleasant and positive personality that combines well with his work experience and helps Individuals and teams in achieving their goals smoothly.


Biswajeeta is a Digital Marketing and Community Management professional with three years of experience. With her making-things-work attitude and get-it-done personality, she helps the Learn Digital Marketing group and the Digital Marketing club a place for value packed exchanges. In her free time, she would be catching up on sitcoms or learning new skills.

Debdut is a dynamic Product Marketer with over 3 years of experience in working with global companies such as Cognizant, Exotel, Typeset, Open, etc.
He’s a B2B SaaS expert who has achieved exceptional results in the domain. He helps small SaaS startups with their digital & product marketing.
sol varghese
I am Sol Varghese, a Self Dropout IT Emp after 13 yrs, who wanted to pursue the inner passions of life (mix of Photography+ Event Mgmt+ DM). My 2nd innings that started with Candid Photography became my speciality and then moved to Product and Food. Event Management was my other self driven passion and I do events regularly. But to sell these skills, my choice to learn Digital Marketing was the best decision though where I self learnt the fundamentals and those plenty of tips by DM Guru’s. Hoping to become an ace DM someday and it impart those skills to those who want to learn more about them. Love to Travel, Cook, Garden and spend time with kids during my free times.

Shivaram is a much sought after Mentor, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker focused on the jewellery industry. He founded Retail Gurukul in 2012 as a Consulting & Training company. Shivaram has since helped and continues to help retailers and manufacturers, significantly improve their business performance across various metrics

He was earlier Tanishq’s Head of All India Merchandising, Training and Regional Sales for many years. His other experience includes stints in Exports, Watches, Pharma and Projects businesses across India.

He has a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Warangal and a PG Diploma in International Trade from The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade 

He is the author of ” A Guide to Jewellery Retailing”, 240+ pages of ideas, concepts, and practical solutions. It’s also available in Hindi. 


Nishant is Digital Marketer since 2013. Reading, Drawing (by nose,ears!), sports is what he pursues during his free time. He writes on his blogs, prepare case studies ,and strategy guides at


A passionate digital marketer, Co-Founder of  V Digitize U, with over 3+years of experience in the field of digital marketing. Working towards his vision of taking digital marketing to the masses and transform India digitally.


He is an Entrepreneur & Passionate Marketing & Sales Strategist. I have been in Education sector for a decade now & 16 years IT infrastructure sector. Co-Founder Director of Rubics Wellness Pvt Ltd (An emotional wellness company) and Director-IT of Sherwood High, Bangalore. Currently he is horning my skills in digital marketing and aiming to enhance my knowledge in digital technology & related platforms. 


Giridhar who founded Rankgaroo, a Digital Marketing Services agency, lead their team of expert professionals with unique methodologies namely, Six Sigma and TRIZ. These comprehensive strategies help them and their team to find solutions for their clients, which are backed by strong market research and creative ideas. 

They create a unique digital strategy for each of their clients and regularly implement new improvements until the successful completion of Client’s Projects.



Christopher John is the CEO and Founder of Social Tribe. He is a huge Digital Marketing Enthusiast, love data and numbers and is a sports enthusiast.  He boasts of his talent to talk sports for hours about Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis and even Golf (even when he is really bored.)

Madhuri Sharma from Indore, MP is an MBA in HR and Marketing. She recently started her career in Digital Marketing, leaving her HR career behind. Being a newbie in the field, she turned to Digital Marketing Club to learn and explore. She finds the club members very enthusiastic and supportive, benefiting to her career. .  
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