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On AUG 10, Digital Marketing club is the brain child of Deepak and Sanjay, who wanted to drive the online community – offline. In the era when even things are getting connected, connected people with similar interest is something that they wanted to dive in. Today we have forums, blogs, quora, community tabs and what not – to bring people from similar niche together. But there is only so much you could do online, real networking happens offline. When we meet, when we talk to each other – it connects us on a deeper level. There is immense value in connecting two people, and through this club, we look forward to connect like-minded people to become lifelong friends or business partners, who knows – there could be million dollar idea brewing somewhere around the corner.

Hence, the best minds in your city connected – is what our tag line is. If you got a better one, pass it on!

We from today going to host meet-ups every month and a typical have three components:

1. Member’s speak: One of the club members come forward to talk about a topic of their choice. They are given ten minutes to present.

2. Expert speak: Is when we get an industry expert to speak on latest trend or give hands-on experience on any niche of digital marketing.

3. Networking session: We talk to each other, face to face

Nobin Das :   The topic he will cover is on personal development and the title of his talk will be “The Law of Association

Mr Nobin Das is a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer from  John Maxwell Team- USA.

An MBA graduate from University of Northampton, England. He is also an author of an upcoming book ” TRAGIC TO MAGIC”- 12 Laws that will Transform your life from Tragic to Magic”

Post completing graduation in the year 2000, he moved from a small town of Kolkata to the capital of India and from there he went to England in 2004 to pursue his higher education and finally migrated to Canada. He is a Canadian Citizen with Indian roots. Such a transition was a huge challenge for him . The only thing he had was his confidence and a desire to make it large by fulfilling his dreams.

14 years of enriched experience and exposure to life in UK and Canada, now, his mission of life is to share his experience with the  people of this nation and work towards shaping their future. Mr Nobin Das believe that every human has the potential to achieve their dreams in life but the only key thing that is missing is direction. With his diverse experience, his sole motive is to lead them in the direction of their dreams.


Srikanta: The topic he will cover is: SEO hacks to Rank 1 in Google

He has an experience of 3 years as Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist, and also now he his leading a Startup named Shaswa Dimension and he is a blog writer also

Tips to Improve Rankings on Google SERP!

He explained using the this points we can improve our ranking in Google

(1. Keyword Research 2. Title Tag optimization 3. Meta description 4) Header tag Optimization 5) URL Optimization 6) Mobile friendly optimization 7) Internal Links, Images, Videos 8) Improve user experience(UX)


Deepak Kanakaraju:  He doesn’t need an introduction, but I’m going to introduce him anyway!

Two roads diverged in a wood and he took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the

 Difference: Robert Frost (was an American poet.)

Topic: Deep Marketing

Digital marketing is a successful business model that can be run without the support of external funding. It’s vast, like an ocean, and gives one multiple opportunities to explore.

You don’t have to learn everything about digital marketing; just become the master of one of the following skills:

– Blogging and content marketing

– Video marketing

– Social media marketing

– Search engine optimization

– Paid campaigns on Facebook and Google

Deep work is very important for creating high quality work. You need to be productive and create works of art to become successful. Being busy all the time and completing the tasks in your to do list is not going to take you forward if you want to build a successful company.

If you are tired of distractions and if the constant demand from people is not letting you work, I suggest you try one of my methods: work in your office early morning or late night, or you can take a ‘workation’ and focus on one task with all your concentration.


All work and no play makes both Jack and Jill, a dull boy & girl. So it was time to rack our brains and everyone enjoyed the Digital Marketing quiz.

The winners were awarded with BOOKS and DMC batch by President of Hyderabad Chapter

We started HYD meetups with two goals in mind:

Build offline relationships in a digital community. Yes, here we make relationship in a digital community.

Share what we have learned and learn from others- Each of us had different specialties and experiences. None of us were experts at everything. The more voices and opinions, the better!

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