Value Added Weekend – The 3rd Meetup of Digital Marketing Club in Hyderabad

Value Added Weekend – The 3rd Meetup of Digital Marketing Club in Hyderabad


Digital Deepak’s Brain child “The Digital marketing Club” – Hyderabad Chapter has held its third monthly meetup on Feb 17th at Springboard 91, kondapur.

The Digital Marketing Club, Hyderabad Chapter’s President Mr. Trinath has organized the meetup from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. He is working as a Digital marketing Manager at BSNL, Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing aspirants, Practitioners and Business owners wanted to acquire Digital Marketing knowledge were attended for the Meetup with a great anticipation to learn new things about the Industry.

Digital Marketing Club members Kishan Gopal, Gowardhan Doddi, and Siddhartha were speakers of the day and Mr. Mohammad Azharuddin, founder of Web Training Academy & IT info Group, was the Guest Speaker of the event.

Event started with Kishan Gopal’s talk on Customer Value optimization. He is a Certified Customer Funnel Optimization Specialist from He enlightened the audience by delivering his class on how to amplify your Potential Growth to 16 times by optimizing each section of the growth formula by 2 times

At the end of his session audience unanimously agreed that, If we explain the same concept to our business clients in initial business meetings, they would definitely be interested in investing enough time and money in Digital Marketing with trust.

Second speaker of the day was Mr.Siddharth Graduated from St. Xaviers, Post Graduated from IBS Hyderabad, he his Specialised in Marketing & Advertising. Certified in various Google certification. been in the industry for over a decade now worked in various roles across industries from Banking (HDFC Bank), Finance (Shriram Group), Entertainment (Buoyant), Advertising (JWT) to Pharma (Dr. Reddys) Digital Innovation Manager

He explained about Finding the Missing Piece in Digital Strategy started with

MISSING PIECE : Need Consumer Ladder Brand Tone

Channel-Wise Approach Audience Funnel Phase 1 – Awareness Phase 2 – Consideration.

Third speaker of the day was Mr. Gowardhan Doddi. A mechanical engineer turned into Digital Marketing Manager. He runs a successful blog in health niche and education people on “Reversing Diabetes”.

He delivered his talk on “Setting up the Buyer persona using Inbound Methodology”.

Later our other club member Mr. Srikanth padhay invited the Guest Speaker of the day Mr. Azharuddin on to the dias. Azharuddin was the founder of Web Training Academy & ITinfo Group. He has been in the field for the last 8 years.


He trained the audience about “How to create the perfect Digital Marketing strategy”.

In his training he explained about

  • How to qualify clients
  • How to define Client’s buyer persona
  • How to set SMART goals regarding Traffic and conversions
  • How to convince clients by offering them Low Hanging Fruits initially.
  • How to set up Short-Mid and Long term goals and action plans to achieve them
  • How to measure results

This is the most fruitful session of the meetup. At the end of the session club members honored him with a bouquet. Audience interacted with him for a while and cleared their doubts.

Later the audience had a networking session.Good discussions happened between the participants and the existing members. A few people shared their feedback about the Meetup.


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